Translation from Swedish to English

we translate within all subject fields

Languge Team translation agency delivers adequate translations of simple and complicated instructions, flyers, technical manuals, annual reports, procurement documents, agreements, product sheets, contracts, medical texts, websites, books, personal scripts, etc. 

In short, we cover all possible texts in areas such as law, economics, technology, medicine, IT, advertising, fiction. The list can be made longer.

Many translation agencies work with a large number of language combinations, but we have chosen to specialize in Swedish and English only, in order to focus all power and competence on only one combination. "Freedom is in the limitation", as the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky once put it.

Each translation assignment is tackled with the utmost dedication, care and accuracy.

Our focus is on a high quality end product that is idiomatically and correctly translated, free from grammatical errors and shortcomings in syntax.

Welcome to the translation agency Language Team!