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We offer translations in 50 different languages for companies and private persons. We can also do proofreading within all areas.

This may include agreements, technical manuals, annual reports, flyers, procurements, legal, financial, personal scripts, websites ...

Translation services

We translate into all European languages.

We deliver high quality translations of simple as well as complicated instructions, flyers, technical manuals, annual reports, procurement documents, agreements, product sheets, contracts, medical texts, websites, books, personal scripts etc.

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We correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, but also go more in-depth by looking at word choice, phrasing, sentence construction and suggesting relevant changes to your text if needed.


rates and terms
rates and terms

Rates and terms

We deliver quickly, however, always in combination with high quality texts and at competitive prices.

Translation services are charged by the word (or charged per hour). The rate depends on:

  • Volume (larger volumes = cheaper)
  • Your ability to provide glossaries/terminology assistance
  • Your formatting requirements
  • Delivery deadline
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About us

The translators who work on behalf of Language Team have all an academic degree and excellence in their translation and proofreading areas, whether it is financial, legal or technology-based texts.

But they certainly also tackle texts of a more general nature, and only translate into their native language.

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Contact Language Team!

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