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Nöjd kund
Language Team has translated various manuals, contracts, agreements and job descriptions for the Swedish company Elgiganten.
Nöjd kund hos Language Team
Over the years we have translated large volumes for Siemens regarding tender forms, contracting contracts, consortium agreements, monitoring systems and requirements specifications.
Nöjd kund hos Language Team
We have performed a large number of translations for Gallagher from English to Swedish of installation manuals and technical instructions regarding electrical fences, posts, aggregates, gates, insulators and solar panels.
En av våra nöjda kunder
The Swedish Osteopath Association receives ongoing translated documents and texts, from English to Swedish, on the relationship between patients, osteopaths and the management of the federation.
Language Team fortsätter att få
Sala Brand is a customer for which Language Team translates documents from Swedish to English regarding technical requirements specifications, procurement agreements and technical manuals on express vehicles and rescue vehicles such as industrial fire trucks, airport fire trucks and special vehicles.
Nöjd kund hos Language Team
We have translated annual reports, agreements, business and contract documents for Catella - a specialist in real estate and finance in Europe.
Nöjd kund
We have carried out a number of translations for Sirius in Värmland AB from Swedish to English of authorizations and various employment contracts in the company's operations, as well as conducted proofreadings for the company.
Nöjda kunder hos Language Team
Language Team has translated a number of chapters from Lennart Matikainen's and Rickard Carlsson's acclaimed book "The Inferno of Obession" before its launching in the US.
Language Team has for example proofread a large report for this organization.
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Sala Brand

(Världsledande inom utryckningsfordon)

Återkommande kund för vilken Language Team översatt tekniska kravspecifikationer, upphandlingsavtal och tekniska manualer gällande bland annat uttryckningsfordon och räddningsfordon såsom industribrandbilar, flygplatsbrandbilar och specialfordon.