We proofread texts, documents and scripts within a large subject field

We correct misspellings and punctuation but of course also go more in depth by looking at word choice, phrasing, sentence construction but also suggest appropriate and relevant changes for the better of your text. We simply check that the language runs fine in all respects, which can mean improvements and reformulations of the text. All this is done in all text areas, and by language reviewers with idiomatic language skills; that is, English texts are tackled only by people with English as their mother tongue, and Swedish texts by those who have Swedish as their first language.

Of course, we take into account the client's wishes and possible directives in order to preserve the specific and general contexts in the current text, and not least to protect the personal stylistic.

However, there are good reasons, on the other hand, to use professional help with one's text instead of relying on an English or Swedish authored by some online translation program or similar. And not infrequently, our customers also unfortunately overestimate their knowledge of their, so to speak, other languages, while we often see obvious flaws in the English (mostly) texts we get in to review. We believe that in many cases it would rather be justified, both temporally and financially, to hire a professional agency to take care of the job from the very beginning, that is, the basic translation itself.

American or British English? No problem? We’ll take care of it! Simply e-mail us your text, your document, your manuscript.