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Every commission is carried out by Language Team’s skilled staff of native speakers with the utmost commitment and accuracy. Our translators have expert knowledge and appropriate skills within their translation field and are always aiming at meeting the customer’s requirements to the full. It takes a great deal of experience and competence to succeed; this experience and competence you will indeed find at LanguageTeam.

It also takes a great deal of ambition and good intentions to succeed; these qualities are reflected in our motto: “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.” Fast delivery of high quality translated texts at unbeatable prices is something that not always goes together. But here it does!

American or British English? No problem? We’ll take care of it!

Simply send us your text, your document, your manuscript; whether it is within legal, business, technology, IT, web pages, Culture, fiction or any other text field. Just leave it to us!

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