Language Team is a small but extremely efficient and competent translation agency with office in Stockholm who has acquired a long experience of translation from and into Swedish and English; always at competitive prices. We also proofread both languages. 

Our focus is on a high quality end product that is idiomatically correctly translated, free from grammatical errors and shortcomings in syntax.

Translating Swedish and English texts and documents always means going from the source language to once own mother tongue – something we rarely abandon. Nor does it interest us to pull out in time as to the working process, which in this case means that we always aim to deliver not only a quote within 24 hours, but also to perform faster translations than our competitors, knowing that the customer's time today is more expensive than ever.

The translators who work on behalf of Language Team mostly have an academic degree withinin their translation areas, be it business English, legal or technology-based texts. But of course, they also tackle texts of a more general nature. In other words, our translators cover a very broad translation field and, again, they only translate into their own mother tongue and carry out proofreading within the same.

Fast deliveries of quality translations and proofreading at unbeatable prices usually rarely go together. With us it does!

Welcome to the translation agency Language Team!